ReKeying FAQ’s


Why do you need to rekey your locks?

Locks are rekeyed for a number of reasons the most common are lost or stolen keys,family issues, moving into a new house, employee turnover. New keys are a must for these situations. It is the fastest and usually least expensive way to regain some security. Another reason is that the keys are just not working right. Rekeying often solves this issue.

Can my locks all be keyed to the same key?

It depends. Many houses have multiple locks on them that were installed at different times. A general rule of thumb is if they are all the same brand and that one of your keys will enter all of the locks, then probably yes. If not, some of the locks or cylinders would need to be replaced.

Can’t I just buy new locks instead?

The cost of new locks can be less expensive than rekeying sometimes, but you need to make sure the new locks will fit the existing holes in your door. Just because the package says universal or fits any door, it pays to check. Time wasted going back and forth to get the proper lock, or re-drilling your door so the new lock will fit will eliminate any savings on the cost.

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