Platinum ReKeying


At AA Lockserv we offer a full service rekeying process for your business, or home. We have the best rates, and service in Connecticut. We take great pride in our work, and making sure you get exactly what you want, and need. Here is the process that we follow at AA lockserv:

The 10 Step Platinum Rekeying Process Exclusive from AALockserv

We begin by completely removing all the pins and springs from the lock cylinder and examining it for wear and other issues that may cause it to fail or not operate properly. We then code cut a new set of change keys specially designed for your lock.

After installing or replacing the springs and top pins we install new bottom pins that fit your new key. We test the new keys for smoothness and easy operation. We then test your old keys to confirm they no longer operate your cylinder and lubricate your lock. Your lock is now ready to reinstall back on your door.

Remove Bottom Pins
Remove Top Pins
Remove Springs
Code Cut New Keys
Install New Springs As Needed
Install New Top Pins As Needed
Install New Bottom Pins To Manufacturer Specs
Test New Code Cut Keys
Confirm Old Keys Do Not Operate the Lock
Lubricate Lock Cylinder

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