Keeping you and your property safe

AALockserv is committed to keeping you and your property safe. These home security tips will help to lower any chance of break-ins.

  • Keep your keys out of circulation by making sure only people with access to a key are residents of your home. Change all locks when you move, lose a key or experience employee turnover
  • Reinforce the door frame, the most vulnerable part of your door opening
  • Don’t leave spare keys in obvious places, such as under a welcome mat.
  • Buy locks that are difficult to bypass and that use keys that require your authorization to duplicate
  • Always check easiest points of entry when you leave (doors, windows etc…)
  • Install doors with inside hinges to prevent hinge removal or use hinges that prevent removal of the pin
  • Deadbolt all exterior doors, including garage and shed doors.
  • Remove tree limbs that could provide access to upper windows
  • Trim shrubbery so burglars have nowhere to hide
  • Always leave lights on when you go out at night and use a timer to confuse burglars
  • Be aware of the physical details of people in your neighborhood
  • Check with the police for the burglary record before moving into a new neighborhood.
  • Make an effort to always make your home appeared lived-in, even when on vacation.
  • Do not show valuables to outside world or place them where someone can see them through a window
  • If possible, keep a dog as a deterrent with the added bonus of having a loving pet
  • AALockserv Insured & Bonded

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It is important to always stay proactive about home security! When you call AALockserv, you are choosing a team who is as passionate about keeping you safe as you are. Call Now for a Free Audit!

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