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Jon Griswold AA Lockserv

With over 30 years of experience, Jon Griswold, CML, the owner of AALockserv, has seen it all: Cheap, easily defeated locks and deadbolts, poorly made keys that break at the most inconvenient time, non-compliant hardware on doors that jeopardizes people’s lives, and poorly installed hardware that offers limited or no security.

You know what we mean because you have seen and read about what we’re talking about:

• Doors in buildings that are chained or locked shut preventing escape.
• Fire exits blocked by boxes and garbage so exiting is difficult.
• Doors that have multiple locks installed that take valuable time to unlock in an emergency.
• Doors that have no security and that are easily bypassed by a credit card or screwdriver.

After seeing all this and more, Jon decided that AALockserv was going to provide high quality hardware, expertly installed that provides a high level of security and that is convenient to use and operate, without sacrificing life safety, and backed by a Locked In Guarantee.

Melissa and Jonathan AA Lockserv

At AA Lockserv, we pride ourselves on our high quality services that will last for a lifetime. Every product we install is backed by our Locked In Guarantee: that the hardware is the right security hardware for your application, that it is installed properly, and that it operates correctly.

We can make this offer because we sell and install only high quality security hardware that protects, not commonly found low quality hardware that breaks down or wears out easily. We believe that a good locking system is the foundation of all security systems because it hardens your property and makes it more difficult for someone to break in.

An alarm system does not prevent someone from breaking in, it simply alerts you that they already are inside. After all, 88% of intruders enter through the first floor – 34% of them break in through the front door, 22% through the side or back door and 9% through a garage or delivery door. That’s an awful lot of doors used by burglars and intruders to gain entry. So, it’s imperative that your doors are secured with a good locking system.

The most important part of what we do is offering each client a lifetime of safety. We are committed to installing products that protect your property, but never jeopardize building, fire, or ADA Codes. Rather, we install premium hardware that is backed by a warranty and is priced to meet your budget.

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